Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we have received. If you still have other unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us at info [at] asianfilmarchive.org


Our emphasis is on works by Asian filmmakers, and/or works about Asian communities. We are especially interested in critically acclaimed works by independent filmmakers whose films are not already archived and catalogued.

Accepted works include:

  • film gauges and video format (35mm, 16mm, 8mm, super 8, digiBeta, BetaSP, miniDV, VHS, HD, DVD and others)
  • born-digital materials and digital films (DPX, DCP, Apple ProRes, H.264, MP4, etc)
  • length (short, medium or feature)
  • genre (eg narrative, documentary, experimental or animation)
  • film-related materials, such as stills, posters, storyboards, scripts, thesis and articles.

Yes. While our emphasis is on works by Asian filmmakers, we are also interested in works by non-Asian filmmakers who have made films in Asia, and/or about the Asian communities.

Yes. The Archive is interested in the works of filmmakers based in Asia as well as films on Asian communities made by filmmakers based around the world.

No. Filmmakers are encouraged to submit copies of their works as soon as they are made. By depositing early, works can be better archived than on hindsight, where materials could already be misplaced or lost.

With a predominantly tropical and humid environment in many parts of Asia, condition of film formats (including digital formats) can deteriorate rapidly if not kept properly. To ensure your films are preserved for posterity, all film masters are preserved in secure and 24-hour temperature and climate-controlled vaults to prolong their lifespan. Other materials such as scripts, stills, posters can be prolonged if kept in acid free packaging to prevent deterioration. All films and related materials are maintained and conserved in accordance with accepted standards of archival procedures.

No. The deposit of the films and film related materials does not constitute an assignment or transfer of the copyright or any other intellectual property rights. Unless explicitly expressed, any rights subsisting in the films and film related materials shall at all times remain vested in the relevant copyright owners.

All staff and volunteers of the AFA handling materials and information are carefully selected and are required to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect the confidentiality of information and materials submitted to AFA.

Yes. However, to avoid damage to the original films, we strongly recommend not moving master copies out of the Archive unnecessarily. We recommend the use of screening copies instead of the originals/masters, whenever possible.

Archival of films is a continual process. The Archive encourages filmmakers to deposit films whenever possible to minimise further damage and/or the potential of them being misplaced. For film festivals and retrospectives, the AFA can liaise with the relevant organisations to assist in such screenings. We can help facilitate film traffic by shipping them to film festivals, and to ensure the copies are returned after the events. All expenses, taxes, duties related to the shipping, customs clearance, keeping, repair, and returning of the loaned films are to be borne by the borrower.

We understand the need to withhold public access to films that are awaiting premieres and can do so for a definite period until the appropriate time for release to the public.

With agreement from the filmmaker, the Asian Film Archive will

  1. Provide public reference copies of the films within a library premise
  2. Promote the films through organised community programmes
  3. Include films for viewing via AFA’s online platforms

No. The Archive provides preservation service to filmmakers as part of its mission to save, explore and share the Asian cinematic heritage. The Archive is a not-for-profit organisation.

No. The Archive will bear all costs relating to documentation, logistics, safekeeping, maintenance and promotion of the films.

All activities will be non-commercial in nature as the Archive is a non-profit organisation. Any proceeds will go to the preservation and cultural mission of the Archive, and not to the commercial reward of any individual, group or organisation. Your consent will be sought should a film be selected for a commercial exhibition or if there is a request by external parties for screening. You reserve the right to charge a screening/usage fee for these external requests.

The AFA does not circulate films from its collection by request of external parties without the permission of the rights owner. We encourage users to visit the AFA’s reference collection housed at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library or at its administrative office at the National Library Building.

Films that are part of the AFA collection can be accessed, loaned and watched in the screening room at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library at the National Library Building (L11).

Screenings at Oldham Theatre/Ticketing

All ticketing enquiries should be directed to ticketing@asianfilmarchive.org

All tickets for AFA’s screenings are sold on AFA’s official website only unless otherwise stated. If you have not created an account before on our website, you will be prompted to do so. In the future you can use this account to login and check out your tickets.

Tickets are also available at our box office at Oldham Theatre, and we accept payments in cash, and via PayNow and NETS. Opening hours are limited and more information can be found here.

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable or exchangeable. For further ticketing enquiries, please send an email to ticketing@asianfilmarchive.org.

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable or exchangeable.

The Oldham Theatre is within walking distance from City Hall, Clarke Quay and Bras Basah MRT stations. More information on getting to the theatre here.

There are no e-tickets / physical tickets needed for the screenings if you purchased your tickets online. The confirmation email is sufficient for entry and you may present it to the staff during registration.

Food and drinks are not allowed nor available at Oldham Theatre. The nearest drinks vending machine is at the Bible College, opposite the National Archives of Singapore building, and the nearest food available is at Funan.

Friends of AFA Membership

Log in to your account on our website and your membership discounts will automatically be applied to both tickets and merchandise from the AFA shop.

We have recently implemented a new coupon system to facilitate the redemption of complimentary tickets, with one coupon corresponding to one complimentary ticket you are entitled to.

At the checkout page, you will see coupons that could be applied. Click on the coupons to redeem the desired number of tickets.

We have recently implemented a new coupon system to facilitate the redemption of complimentary tickets, with one coupon corresponding to one complimentary ticket you are entitled to. To check the number of complimentary tickets you can redeem, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account at asianfilmarchive.org/my-account.
  2. Click on “My Coupons”.
  3.  You will see the number of available coupons you can use for screenings.

Yes, you will receive the corresponding number of complimentary tickets for every new or renewed subscription, according to the Friends of AFA membership tier to which you have subscribed.


If you would like to get our merchandise in person, you can visit our box office at Oldham Theatre. Opening hours are limited and more information can be found here.