State of Motion 2017: Through Stranger Eyes

  • January 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM | Friday
  • National Library Building, The Plaza


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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Cinema is rife with strange encounters where films serve as records of collisions between people and places.

The 2017 edition of State of Motion delves into the history of Singapore cinema to explore the many film locations and the city-state’s mutability as an actor. Different Singapore(s), alien yet recognisable, are uncovered through a selection of films that were shot amidst a transforming post-independent nation. Participants are taken to film locations featured in the selected films where an artwork responding to both the film and its site awaits.

Audiences are encouraged to not only look back, but to traverse through the many different imaginations of Singapore, as seen through stranger eyes.


Registration Information:
Day tours: $15 per ticket
Night tours: $18 per ticket


Tours begin at the Pavilion, and are 18 years and over only.

A structure sitting under a building, the Pavilion serves as the starting point of the tour.

It is a makeshift cinema that will last as long as the run of a blockbuster at the local box office. It is a resource centre about the films, their locations, histories, and contexts, alongside the works of other artists.

The Pavilion is in itself a dialogue—as well as a site to host one.

An exhibition expands its dialogue through an extension of a roving bus tour.

Within the duration of 3 hours, participants will be presented with a compilation of film clips, and guided around Singapore from the Pavilion at the National Library Building, to five film locations of the featured films. A site-specific artwork in response to each film awaits their encounter.

Featuring newly commissioned works by Amanda Lee Koe, Godwin Koay, Hilmi Johandi, Jeremy Sharma, Joo Choon Lin, Randy Chan, The Observatory, and Ujikaji.

Film screenings are held at the Pavilion at The Plaza, National Library Building. Free with registration.

A series of public programmes, featuring talks and panel discussions will also be held in conjunction with the exhibition.