Singapore Shorts ’19 – Official Selection 1

  • August 11, 2019 | 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM | Sunday
  • Oldham Theatre
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SIN-SFO (2018, dir. Leon Cheo)
11 min | English with English subtitles | PG13
As they drive to San Francisco, married couple Angie and Danny debate a decision which will change their lives forever.

*Singapore Premiere*
Ah Beng in Wonderland (2019, dir. Carla Castle) 

13 min | English with English subtitles | Rating TBA
Ah Beng in Wonderland is an experimental comedy about an Ah Beng whose life is somewhat controlled by a sarcastic British Narrator. He runs away to Malaysia on an e-scooter after finding out his girlfriend is pregnant.

Bangla (2018, dir. Idette Chen) 
17 min | English, Mandrin, Bengali with English subtitles | Rating TBA
An injured migrant worker ends up moonlighting at a struggling hawker stall in his desperation to send money home. Bangla sheds light on the local foreigner relationship in Singapore where the two communities co-exist for nothing more than a living transaction.

*World Premiere*
A Waking (2019, dir. Clare Chong)
离思 | 16 min | Mandarin with English subtitle | PG13

Xuan, a 16 year old girl, finds herself on an uneventful bus tour in a foreign land. Wandering through the sleepless town in the middle of the night, she meets the tour guide and bus driver at a skewer stall where the two men take turns making advances on her.

Xuan gives in to the pursuit of adventure, and unknowingly enters a world that is at once terrifying and exciting. She finds herself ensnared in the hands of desire, trapped in restless dreams and dazed fantasies.

*World Premiere*
Two Islands (2019, dir. Nicole Lim Xuan)
15 min | English, Mandarin with English subtitle | PG

Two Islands is a short documentary that follows Kylie Woon, an ethnically Singaporean-Chinese 28-year-old, who has strong feelings of displacement after years of growing up overseas in Western states. She embarks on a photography project to Hainan to explore her ancestral home & extended family from the island, thereby discovering parts of her identity across national borders. This documentary presents Kylie’s attempts to connect with her relatives in Hainan, showing us what might happen when Singaporeans become more curious about their ethnic roots/heritage and whether this challenges, or even changes their perception of national identity.

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About Singapore Shorts ’19

SINGAPORE SHORTS ’19 is an annual showcase celebrating the best and the most promising local short films. A critical platform for excellence and diverse thought in moving images, the selection is overseen by a panel of respected professionals across Singapore’s film industry. Alongside screenings of the selected cinematic works, the programme will also feature post-screening discussions with the filmmakers and dedicated reviews from critics.

The 2019 edition will also include a special section of older titles curated by local playwright Alfian Sa’at from the Asian Film Archive’s collection.