Short Film Programme:
The Structures We Resist

  • February 22, 2020 | 8:00 PM - 9:20 PM | Saturday
  • Oldham Theatre


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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Directed by: Various
Runtime: 76 min
Country: Various
Language: Various with English subtitles
Rating: Various

The act of resisting represents a will against existing structures. The Structures We Resist showcases a series of short films displaying such attitudes, often critiquing the orthodox in a playful spirit, with wit and imagination. Drawing inspiration from well-worn visual tropes, these works turn such images on their head and re-positions the archival into counterpoints within their specific historical contexts.

Part of the State of Motion 2020: Rushes of Time film programme


We Still Have To Close Our Eyes

John Torres / Philippines / 2019 / 13’ / English / PG

Repurposing his behind-the-scenes footage from various Filipino productions (including Lav Diaz’s and Erik Matti’s), Torres’ latest work is at once a survey of the various contemporary forms of Filipino cinema, a father’s gift to his daughter, an exercise in looking and listening, and an eerie, elliptical sci-fi narrative about human avatars controlled by apps.


The Age of Anxiety

Taiki Sakpisit / Thailand / 2015 / 15’ / No dialogue / PG

This meditation on fin de siècle Thailand deconstructs the hallucinatory images of ’80s Thai melodrama into a thousand frenetic fragments, like the violent stabs of disturbing memories, perpetual nightmares and mutable histories, ascending the viewer into the mind-expanding horizons of a fragile nation on the verge of madness.


A Room With A Coconut View

Tulapop Saenjaroen / Thailand / 2018 / 29’ / Thai / PG

Kanya, an A.I. guide, leads tourist Alex through the beach town of Bangsaen. But Kanya’s presentation is too aestheticised and regimented, so Alex fantasises about getting out of the frame. A darkly humorous meditation on how images mediate our understanding of the world, the film suggests Thai cinema’s historical complicity in its nation’s political corruption.

Winner of the R.D. Pestonji Award (Best Film/Video) at the Thai Short Film & Video Festival (2018) and the Main Prize (Best Film) at the Moscow International Experimental
Film Festival (2018)


Super Taboo

超級禁忌 / Su Hui-yu / Taiwan / 2017 / 19’ / Mandarin / TBA

Based on an ’80s pornographic book, this satire of Taiwan’s moral hypocrisy, its simultaneous taboos on sex and embrace of unbridled consumption, attempts to retrieve the sacred from the profaned. As actor Chin Shih-Chieh reads a titillating story and recalls the wildness of childhood imagination, the camera tracks across nude bodies alternating between movement and immobility, the denial of pleasure and its pursuit.

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