Short Film Programme:
The Films We Remake

  • February 8, 2020 | 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM | Saturday
  • Oldham Theatre


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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Directed by: Various
Runtime: 88 min
Country: Various
Language: Various with English subtitles
Rating: Various

The act of remaking is an attempt at reconciling with parts that have been found missing. The Films We Remake showcases a series of short films that make such attempts with films that have been either lost or left unfinished. In doing so, these restorative works break through the barriers of time, uncovering new directions for the present within the material absences of the past.

Part of the State of Motion 2020: Rushes of Time film programme


Juan Tamad Goes to the Moon (1898)

Khavn / Philippines / 2018 / 4’ / No dialogue / PG

“Three years before Georges Méliès’ Le Voyage dans la Lune and ten years before Segundo de Chomón’s Excursion en la Luna, indigenous proto-surrealist Philippine filmmaker Narding Salome Exelsio made Nagtungo si Juan Tamad sa Buwan in 1898 while the Philippines were being sold by Spain to America for twenty million dollars (VAT not included).” — Khavn


Aswang (1933)

Khavn / Philippines / 2017 / 7’ / No dialogue / PG

“The first film made in the Philippines to feature optically recorded sound was George Musser’s Ang Aswang (The Vampire). (…) Despite its Tagalog title, the film was actually recorded in Spanish and English. The film opened to acclaim at the Lyric on January 1, 1933, then at the Tivoli on January 4. Unfortunately, according to some observers, the sound was sometimes out of sync and inaudible.” — Khavn


Events in a Cloud Chamber

Ashim Ahluwalia / India / 2016 / 23’ / English / PG

In 1969, Akbar Padamsee, pioneer of modern Indian painting, made the titular experimental film when the genre was virtually non-existent in India. But Padamsee’s only print was lost. Decades later, director Ahluwalia worked with him to reconstruct the film. Padamsee recounts the story, as archival footage alternates with clips from his surviving film Syzygy, forming an impressionistic sketch of the lost work and its creator.

Winner of the Best Experimental Film Award at Transylvania Shorts (2017) and the Grand Prix (Best Short Film Award) at Split International Festival of New Film (2016).


Double Ghosts

George Clark / UK, Taiwan, Chile / 2019 / 31’ / Spanish, English / PG13 (Some Disturbing Scenes and Violence)

This film explores the potential of unrealised histories, from Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz’s legacy to Taiwanese animist traditions. Its starting point: Ruiz’s unfinished Taiwan-set Comedy of Shadows, its script inspired by Zhuangzi and Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author. Drawing on collaborations with filmmakers and fishermen, the film then investigates similarly unrealised political histories, from Chile’s short-lived socialist government to life under Martial Law in Taiwan and Chile.


The Glamorous Boys of Tang (Qiu Gang-Jian, 1985)

唐朝綺麗男 (邱剛健, 1985) / Su Hui-yu / Taiwan / 2018 / 15’ / No dialogue / R21 (Sexual Scenes)

An invocation of scenes from an ’80s Taiwanese cult film, previously existing only in script form due to Martial Law censorship. Without narrative context, this bloody, glitter-filled orgy of lusty, mangled bodies plays like a nightmarish fever dream, repulsive yet entrancing. Within a contemporary context, it is a consecration of Taiwan’s differently gendered bodies and subcultures.

Winner of the Visual Arts Award at the Taishin Arts Awards (2019)


The Better Way Back to the Soil

Hirakawa Youki / Japan / 2017 / 8’ / No dialogue / G

A black screen upon which there appear only titles and production dates. A minimalist prose poem crafted from nothing but the remnants of lost movies, a reverie on a lost continent.


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