Lips to Lips (2000)

  • September 14, 2022 | 8:00 PM - 9:45 PM | Wednesday
  • Oldham Theatre


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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Director: Amir Muhammad
Runtime: 96 mins
Language: English, Malay with English subtitles
Country: Malaysia
Rating: M18 (Sexual References)

Full Synopsis

Lips to Lips is an urban comedy featuring four intertwined stories about desire, all set during one day in Kuala Lumpur. A suicidal young man mourns the death of his stepmother who had come into fatal contact with an apple. A bubbly radio DJ catches her fiancé in an unexpected sexual encounter on the eve of their wedding night. A dapper restaurant owner falls for his doppelganger. A bookshop clerk resorts to black magic to get the attention of a girl with a fetish for cookbooks.

Lips to Lips is Malaysian filmmaker Amir Muhammad’s directorial debut. It is Malaysia’s first independent digital feature film that marked the beginning of the Malaysian independent film movement. It paved the way for the Malaysian New Wave’s unique brand of DV (digital video) cinema, whose leading figures have developed a niche of dedicated film audiences.


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