God or Dog (1977)

  • June 29, 2019 | 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM | Saturday
  • Oldham Theatre


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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Original title: 大把窑杀童案
Directed by: Hugo Ng
Run time: 86 min
Country: Singapore
Language: Cantonese, Hokkien and English with English subtitles
Rating: M18 (Sexual scenes & coarse language)

Gullible Sin apprentices himself to a faith healer and discovers that his master is merely a sexually driven con man who takes advantage of the women seeking cures for their various ailments. After exposing the empty magic of his master, Sin is convinced that he has attained god-like status, resulting in a series of disastrous events revealing his unravelling psyche. At the time of the casting of the film, the infamous Adrian Lim cult murders of two children were so deeply etched into Singapore’s subconscious that director, Ng had problems finding a lead actor. After all the actors backed out of the project, Ng decided to take up the lead himself. God or Dog premiered at the 1997 Singapore International Film Festival.

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Image credit: Collection of Su Zhangkai.