Double Bill: Ways of the Sea (Halaw) (2010) and The House Without a Ground (Rumah Ndak Bertanah) (2019)

  • March 12, 2022 | 4:00 PM - 5:40 PM | Saturday
  • Oldham Theatre


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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The short film The House Without a Ground will screen after the feature film Ways of the Sea. 

Ways of the Sea (Halaw) (2010)
Director: Sheron Dayoc
Runtime: 78 minutes
Country: Philippines
Language: Tagalog, Sama-Tausug, Bisaya
Rating: PG

NETPAC AWARD (Special Mention)
Berlin International Film Festival 2018

Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2018


A vast sea separates the restlessness of Mindanao, the southernmost island cluster in the Philippines, from the potential promises of Sabah in the Malaysian archipelago. For the villagers of Mindanao, seemingly far removed from the capital city of Manila in the north, a small boat seems to be the only escape from the cycle of poverty in their homeland.

Ways of the Sea unearths the tenacity of the Mindanao villagers against all odds and uncertainties. Set on land and at sea, the film maps the troubling journey of a disparate ensemble, each burdened with their personal struggles. As they stray further away from the familiarity of home, their differences fade to reveal shared humanity.


The House Without a Ground (Rumah Ndak Bertanah) (2019)
Director: Putri Purnama Sugua
Runtime: 18 minutes
Country: Malaysia
Language: Malay
Rating: PG

Inspired by a true story, The House Without A Ground uncovers the hardships of an 11-year-old stateless child, Toteng, who works with his mother at a garbage disposal centre in Sabah, East Malaysia. After finding a tattered book in a landfill, Toteng sneaks into a nearby school, eager to learn. However, an abrupt raid threatens to flip Toteng’s world upside down and reveal the precarity of his identity.

Director Putri Purnama Sugua foregrounds the plight faced by undocumented migrant children who are forcibly separated from their families after deportation. She questions the arbitrary tether between citizenship and their borders and its impact on a marginalised community who reside undercover in a house without a ground.

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