When We Were Bengs

In a small, colourful, and vibrant comic-book town, live two brothers, Heng and Bee. Heng loves to harass his younger brother. Bee, on the other hand, tolerates his older brother’s nonsense with great patience. Despite this, they waste their time together spying on a girl who lives opposite, and every afternoon take on the para-para dance machines at the games arcade. One day, Bee is kidnapped by Ang Ku Kueh, the notorious leader of the Red Demon Gang. Heng immediately goes to the rescue, only to find himself caught in a standoff. Will Heng sacrifice himself to save his brother, or his brother to save himself? Everything makes sense when the pretty girl who lives opposite shows up.

  • Director: Alaric Tay
  • Runtime: 12m0s
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Rating: PG
  • Availability: library@esplanade
  • Accession No: 2007-D-0566
  • Subtitles: English
  • Release Year: 2006
  • Producer: Alaric Tay
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Production Country: Singapore

Cast List:

  • Alaric Tay, Terence Tay, Ben Yeung, Caroline Cheong, Angel Yong, Willie Goh, Jason Ng, Mark Zee, Liu Shi Xuan, Vincent Fong, Shawn Lee, Kenneth Lee, Kelvin Theo, Mark Yeo, Chang Boon Ping
  • Low Chor Keww, Low Kah Ping, Low Yue Qing, Low Yue Ying, Choon Hui, Fariz Sarib, Jackie Ong, Hirly Md Khir, Yeo Wee Lie, Shima Shariff, Mariam Stahlie, Fion Quek, Willy Ong, Jeremy Nah


  • Writer - Alaric Tay
  • Production Manager - Kelly Tuan
  • First Assistant Director - Cecilia Koh
  • 2nd Unit First Assistant Director - Lee Wei Wei
  • Production Assistant - Maxine Ong
  • Distribution Assistant - Keith Oh
  • Director of Photography - Wong Meng Fye
  • Art Director - Liu Fong Meng
  • Costume Designer - Tan Hong Chai
  • Hair and Makeup - Men
  • Choreographer - Nazri
  • Editor/Motion Graphics - Kenny Yek
  • Sound Designer/Composer - Roy Lim
  • Camera Assistant - Adrian Quek
  • Gaffer - Johnny Ng
  • Grips - Lam Yi Ren, Sudderuddin K Hanshen
  • Sound Recordist - Michael Lee
  • 2nd Unit Camera Assistant - Sharon Loh
  • 2nd Unit Gaffer - Shawn Fonseka
  • 2nd Unit Grips - Elton Lim, Roszali
  • 2nd Unit Recordist - James Choong
  • Boom Operator - Kian Hua
  • Colourist - Charlie Ellis
  • Online Editor - Leon Chua
  • Props - Mahmud Beyu
  • Stills Photographer - James Tan
  • Equipment Drivers - Thomas Tay, Jimmy Chua


  • Relationships: Brother/Brother
  • Places: Games Arcade, Market
  • People: Beng, Gang
  • Film style: Animation, Special Effects, Sound Effects, Comic book
  • Activities: Fighting, Play Fighting Spying, Para-Para Dancing

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