The Bus

Unjustly reprimanded by his boss about corporate policies and service, a bus inspector embarks on a mission to get one passenger off an overcrowded bus – failing which he will not allow the vehicle to move.

  • Director: KC Teo
  • Runtime: 15m0s
  • Genre: Drama/Comedy
  • Rating: PG
  • Availability: library@esplanade
  • Accession No: 2007-D-0459
  • Subtitles: English
  • Release Year: 2005
  • Producer: Jordan Katherine See
  • Language: English, Hokkien
  • Production Country: Singapore

Cast List:

  • Godfrey Yeo, George Chew, Loh Kwai Thian, Tommy Tan, James Soh, Sean Kok, Richard Toh, Wendy Zhang, David Yeow, Alvin Lee, Ho Wei Song, Adam Chan, Yane Ytan, Wilson Ang, Oceania Chia, Foo Kok Lim
  • Diane Chan, Brandon Lee, Effy Ahmad, Angie Goh, Stacy Sim, Melvin Gaspar, Nicole Chen, Adeline Wee, Jaccy Chan, Mike Xiao, Pranial (Bobby)
  • Fish Chaar, Anita Wong, Caryn Chen, Eric Loh, Steph Cheng


  • Writer - Jordan Katherine See
  • Director of Photography - Roszali Samad
  • Casting - Shiny Happy People
  • Assistant Director/Location - Jason Yeow
  • Location Sound Recordists - Jeremy De Souza, Mickey Lee
  • Boom Operator - Melvin Lee
  • Camera Assistant - Darryll Woon
  • Gaffers/Grips - Slack Ng, Md Yazer Aziz
  • Production Assistant - Dorothy Png
  • Generator Operator - Neoh Koon Beng
  • Post-Production - Infinite Frameworks Pte Ltd
  • Offline Editor - Darlene Lim
  • Colourist - Nigel Fernandez
  • Online Editor - Pinky Calica
  • Post Producer - Donny Pereira
  • Audio Post - Yellow Box Studios
  • Sound Editor - Andy Lam
  • Sound Supervisor - Vivia Wang


  • Places: Bus
  • Occupations: Bus Conductor, Bus Driver, Businessman, Student
  • Themes: Stress

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