The Boy Who Asked Too Many Questions

A teacher masks a young boy’s mouth, eyes, hands and ears with adhesive tape when he questions her on the errors she makes in class and also when he accidentally discovers her professional misconduct. As part of the Establishment, she uses her authority to command him not to remove his bindings and forbids anyone to help him. In fear, almost every student conforms to the orders and perpetuates the wrong, except for a few other similarly masked ones who found him and helped each other remove their binds.

  • Director: Alec Tok
  • Runtime: 15m22s
  • Genre: Black Comedy, Parody
  • Rating: NC16
  • Availability: library@esplanade
  • Accession No: 2007-D-0321
  • Subtitles: -
  • Release Year: 2000
  • Producer: Alec Tok
  • Language: English
  • Production Country: Singapore

Cast List:

  • Sanjay, Cat Ang, Desmond, Wei Ye, Saravanan, Manikam, Murugan, Wen Quan, Guo Cheng, Jonathan, Joel, Matthew Chew, Melissa Bun


  • Writer - Alec Tok
  • Camera - Collin Teo
  • Editors - Ryan Gee, Kwon Han Sook, Delcie Poh
  • Sound & Mixing Engineer - Stephen Lim
  • Video Microscopy - Jeremy Pickett-Heaps
  • Production Manager - Kevin Chan
  • Light - Jason Lim
  • Sound - Pamela Yeo
  • Casting - Joanne Tan
  • Locations - Tan Lay Peng
  • Props - Soh Huey Huey
  • Make-up & Hair - Doreen Cheng


  • Relationship - Teacher/Pupil, Tyrant/Oppressed
  • Subject Matter - Questioning, Bullying, Speaking Out, Abuse of Authority, Survival, Escape
  • Themes - Power and Control, Oppression, Domination, Despotism, Victimisation, Silencing
  • Emotions - Fear, Alienation

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