Little Red Bricks

The interest over the same book at the library bounds a girl and a boy together for the rest of their lives. They grow older and fall in love, building up a family and memories, which will always bring them back to library at Stamford Road, even when they have heavy-hearted to accept its demolishment for urban development.

  • Director: Ervin Han
  • Runtime: 14m40s
  • Genre: Animation
  • Rating: G
  • Availability: library@esplanade, Lee Kong Chian Reference Library
  • Accession No: 2018-D-1003003
  • Subtitles: -
  • Release Year: 2017
  • Producer: Ervin Han, Bernard Toh
  • Language: -
  • Production Country: Singapore

Cast List:

  • n/a


  • Production Management, Animatic Editor - Rachel Phang
  • Production Co-ordinator - Wan Nurulhuda
  • Storyboard - Roii Lee
  • Character Design - Wang Yayi, Wendy Sing
  • Colour Script - Wu Shan, Soh Fia
  • 3D Models & Layouts - Jason Ng, Wu Shan
  • Background Art - Wu Shan, Yeo Yee Heng, Jason Ng, Celia Yew, Leong Hong Ching
  • Animation Supervisor - Bernard Toh
  • Key Animators - Wendy Sing, Tiffany Chia, Wendy Li
  • Animators - Muhd Rudelfy, Muhd hafiz Bin Nroman, Dewi Yulliannie Bte Sanie, Jeneieve Ho, Amanda Chee, Sabrina Naser, Delcine Chan, Thuy Trang Hoang Dang
  • Compositors - Perweez Neqqi, Justin Lee, Lawrence Xiao
  • Musician - Stella Wu, Rit Xu, Selwyn Koh, Lee Shi Mei, August Lum
  • Sound Design - Kenji Zhuang
  • Recording Engineer - Julius Chua


  • Activities - Story telling
  • Books - Little Prince, Mother Goose, Magic Pudding
  • Country - Singapore
  • Emotion - Love
  • Items - Bookmark, Engagement Ring
  • Epoch - Red Brick Epoch of British Architecture in 1950s
  • Places - National Library at Stamford Road
  • Relationship - Man/Woman, Introverts/Extroverts
  • Theme - First Love, Soulmates, Memories, Growing up and old, Urban Redevelopment

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