Jack’s Car

Set in contemporary Singapore, Jack’s Car revolves around the lives of four young adults with disparate but equally harrowing familial problems. Their dilemmas finally converge in an act of playful recklessness as a temporary means of escape, to seize the moment and go down a path never taken.

  • Director: Lim Wee, Loo Eng Teck
  • Runtime: 55m8s
  • Genre: Drama
  • Rating: PG
  • Availability: library@esplanade
  • Accession No: 2007-D-0756
  • Subtitles: English
  • Release Year: 2001
  • Producer: Jelaine Ang
  • Language: English, Hokkien, Mandarin
  • Production Country: Singapore

Cast List:

  • Eugene Chua, Minzi Teo, Rayner Lim, Gary Chua, Mark Lee, Aaron Chew, Chow Kim Nam, Kumar Nair, Irene Tan, Frances Lavern, Navin Lobo, Viknesh


  • Co-producers - Kelvin Kee, Goh Aik Song
  • Production Manager - Saudi Tan
  • Filming Head - Ng Cheng Yuen
  • Lighting Head - Tan Koh Siang
  • Audio Head - Chan Xiang Junn
  • Editing Head - Kek Yee Ann
  • Sales & Marketing Head - Choo Hui Chin, Irene Tan
  • Logistics & Location Support - Philip Ong
  • Publicity & Publications Heads - Chai Jia Jih, Annabella Ong
  • Public Relations Officer - Kwek Kiang Kheng, Carolyn Fu
  • Administrator - Tan Peck Huey
  • Camerapersons - Loh Boon Hwee, Lim Wei Lee, Raymond Tan, Matthew Tham, Yong Sy Lyng
  • Lighting - Lee Siew Min, Pang Hwei Fang, Bill Xu Bing, Wong Vui Khong
  • Audio - Lew Kiun Keong, Kristeen Ong, Chin Whai Fuang, Ong Chun Ling, Zhen Rixin
  • Make-up & Costumes - Jeanette Ngo, Loh Wei Wei, Siow Wan Ling, Fu Shu Fen
  • Storyboard & Continuity - Chua Yeu Fong, Juli Effendy, Jasmine Chin
  • Editors - Akshay Prasad, Ravin
  • Music - Adrian Wee, Lin Hui Yi, Lim Caihui
  • Scriptwriters - Aaron Chew, Desmond Tan, Kumar Nair, Latika Sadashiv, Raymond Andrew
  • Logistics & Locations - Chua Tze Ching, Victor Chng, Syed Shaffique, Richard Khoo, Julian Soong
  • Publicity & Publicity - Ng Shen Li, Joshua Shoo, Bernard Chong, Julia Kuswardi, Kok Chee Kean, Li Fong, Linda Ee, Li Xin Hui, Toh Yah Li
  • Sales & Marketing - Ng Yee Po, Ad Kuah, Tan Chee Kiong, Ho Yiru, Brenda Teo, Gail Wong, Melvyn Tan, Ong Ka Ming, Guo Xiaohan, Chow Keat Ying, Phang Chee Meng, Tan Poy Kok, Muhammad Imran
  • Ex-officio - Ng Wei Chieh
  • Advisor - Dr Ho Chee Keong


  • Themes - distance, escapism, imprisonment, rebellion, freedom
  • Subject Matter - chauvinism
  • People - children, youth, illegitimate child
  • Relationships - father/son, brother/sister, parent/daughter, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends
  • Emotions - angst, loneliness, helplessness, shame, frustration, oppression, uselessness
  • Items - earrings, car
  • Crime - stealing; Places - bar

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