The Human Organ Preservation Effort, or HOPE, is a government initiative tasked with curbing the problem of black market sales of kidneys by regulating the process. This film juxtaposes scenes from the H.O.P.E transplant orientation seminar with the lives of three donors at different stages of the donation process. Following the donors through post surgery, the operation and the donation screening, H.O.P.E. explores the viability of a regulated kidney donation program.

  • Director: Edwin Chen
  • Runtime: 23m58s
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Rating: PG
  • Availability: library@esplanade
  • Accession No: 2009-D-1464
  • Subtitles: English
  • Release Year: 2008
  • Producer: Lin Hui, Chia Shunyi, Samuel He
  • Language: Tagalog
  • Production Country: Philippines

Cast List:

  • Not listed


  • Line producer - Anne Tolentino
  • Director of Photography - Samuel He
  • Additional camera - Michael San Jose, Edwin Chen
  • Editor - Chia Shunyi
  • Supervisor - Nikki Draper
  • Translators - Anna Karenina V. Tolentino, Joel Aiman C. Franscisco, Carmela Cruz, Pastor David Evangelista, Didy Evangelista
  • Transcribers - Anna Karenina V. Tolentino, Joel Aiman C. Franscisco, Marela V. Luceco, Didy Evangelista. Abigail Sabino Cruz, Rechel L. Leopardas, Desiree Marquez, Dixi Mengote, Athina Publico, Roman Leste Esplana Rosales
  • Onsite help - Delia Casino
  • Research interviews - Lalaine H. Siruno, Alessandra Gonzalez, Dr. Reynaldo J. Lesaca Jr., Dr Leonardo Decastro, Dr Tsuyoshi Awaya, Dr Pelagio L Esmaquel Jr., Dr Angeles Tan Alora, Dr Cecilia Tomas, Dr Roberto C. Tanchanco, Dr Jessica Abano,  Dr Johnson L. Sy, Dr Patti Villa, Dr A Vathsala, Dr Joseph B. Africa, Father Fausto Gomez, Constanzo M. de Leon, Claro V. Cortes III, Nisan T. Manauis, Alastic McIndoe, Christine Ong
  • Drivers - Arnel Kabigting, Michael Nicdao, Danilo Dayang, Arthur Velandria, Doy Santos, Vicente R. Beronio Jr.
  • Poster Design - Lee Shuxian
  • Technical Support - Vincent Teo Hwee Kwang, Andrew Lim Kim Meng, Yip Tok Foon, Tan Boon Huat, Tan Kia Fern, Tng Yew Li
  • Technical Advice - BK Ang (LSV)


  • Countries - The Philippines
  • Subject Matter - organ trade, black market
  • Medical - organ donation
  • Organisations - Human Organ Preservation Effort

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