Colours is the story of a colour-blind girl’s journey to find colours in her life. In her loneliness, she discovers a magical pair of glasses that allows her to see more intense colours than she bargained for, prompting her to break one of its lenses so that she finds a place of serenity between her handicap and that which is wished for.

  • Director: Derrick Lui, Lee Chee Tian
  • Runtime: 8m50s
  • Genre: Children's Fiction
  • Rating: PG
  • Availability: library@esplanade
  • Accession No: 2007-D-0759
  • Subtitles: -
  • Release Year: 2007
  • Producer: Lee Chee Tian
  • Language: English
  • Production Country: Singapore

Cast List:

  • Elise Delos Santos
  • Eunice Chew
  • Quek Yen Ling
  • JF Koh
  • Heather Jean Clark
  • Megumi Nagase
  • Cheryl Chai
  • Sheri Tan
  • Lee Hui Yi
  • Sophie Ritchie
  • Stella Sim
  • Ameera Abdul Nasir
  • Imran Abdul Nasir
  • Nur Liyana Bte Abdul Rahman
  • Nur Farzana Bte Abdul Rahman


  • Scriptwriter - Lee Chee Tian
  • Director of Photography - Lim Beng Huat
  • Editing & Effects - Lawrence Ong
  • Camera Assistant - Yeh Jong Diing
  • Key Grip - Toh Hui Long
  • Gaffer - Teo Ren Jie
  • Grips - Spencer Jerrold Maximilian, Mohamad Azhar Bin Hamid, Joel San Juan, Edwin Chia
  • Music - Allen Lee, Chester Tan
  • Sound - Arnold Dominik San Juan
  • Assistant Producer - Siti Zubeidah Kadir
  • Assistant Director - Xie Shiling
  • Props - Zoe Tan, Garie Sim, Tang Wen Sing, Siti Zubeidah Kadir, Yar King Looi
  • Makeup - Nur Shireen A Rasid, Amy Lee K Y
  • Storyboard - Nori Ali
  • Production Assistants - Matthew Abraham, Ang Beng Khim, Tan Poh Hong, Leong Kim Hoe, Tong Hui Chin, Nur Azeemah Kadir
  • Executive Producer - Lee Chee Tian


  • Subject Matter - Colour-blindness, Shades, Lenses
  • Themes - Vision, Seeing, Sight, Perspective, Balance, Reality, Black and White, Old and New
  • Items - Spectacles, Glasses
  • Emotions - Alienation, Loneliness, Joy, Contentment

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