Clocks And Cockroaches

“Clocks and Cockroaches is made up of a collection of 4 short films – Touch the Sun, Office Delights, Meeting in the Middle of X and The Mee Pok Boy.

Touch the Sun deals with the aimlessness of youth today and how redemption can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Office Delights is a story of a carefree delivery boy who brings food to an office populated with amusing and sometimes scary characters.

Meeting in the Middle of X touches on the friendship between an old coffee shop owner and a schoolgirl.

The Mee Pok Boy shows how a man rediscovers his love for his wife and his new-born child.

  • Director: Michael Cheng Seow Wee
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy, Experimental
  • Rating: PG
  • Availability: library@esplanade
  • Accession No: 2007-D-0325
  • Subtitles: -
  • Release Year: 2000
  • Producer: Teo Yann Yann
  • Language: English, Hokkien, Mandarin
  • Production Country: Singapore

Cast List:

  • Lee Ming Yew, Tommy Chen, Pauline Soh, Amelia Sandran, Raymond Andrew, Jeanine Heng, Adrian Wee, Carolyn Ang, Paviter Singh, Latika Sadashiv


  • Assistant Directors - Loo Eng Teck, Lin Wei
  • Scriptwriter - Michael Cheng Seow Wee, Loo Eng Teck, Lin Wei, Darren, Adrian Wee, Latika Sadashiv
  • Co-Producers - Jay Sim (Production), Tan Su Ping (Administration)
  • Administrator - Tan Peek Huey
  • Film - Steven Lau (Head), Edwin Lim, Ng Cheng Yuen, Carmen Tan, Tang Lyn Lyn, Daniel Yap
  • Lights & Sound - Lim Wenzhuan (Head), Clement Cheng, Chua Tze Ching, Paul Fong, Eric Gan, Ou Hui Min, Toh Hun Ping
  • Editors - Johann Annuar (Head), Abhishek Jaiswal, Kong Pooi Kuan, Soon Sze Meng, Julian Soong, Tan Ying Hsin
  • Props - Han Ben Juan (Head), Phyllis Mok, Michael Eric Basuki, Foo Hsiang Ming, Kho Chye Yeow, Loh Boon Hwee, Low Su Rin, Chris Ng, Donna Tan
  • Logistics - Yeo Wee Chye (Head), Eugene Goh, Leong Foo Leng, Lenny Lim, Phillip Ong
  • Music - Wendy Tiow (Head), Bong Fung Nyuk, Ng Fui Mee, Cario L. Vinoya, Wong May Ee, Clinton Yew
  • Wardrobe & Makeup - Goh Ping Nee (Head), Geraldine Chan, Seet Pau Ling, Ivana Teo, Ting Hui, Levenza Toh
  • Sales & PR - Clement Soh Chai Sing (Head), Tay Sze Chern (Head), Jasmine Chan, Victor Chng, Patricia Goh, Guo Xiangcen, Michelle Koh, Lorraine Lee, Ng Yee Po, Imelda Tan, Yong Woei Shuang
  • Marketing - Chua Ying Kai (Head), Hazel Lee (Vice-head), Stephanie Chua, Jacqueline Chong, Choo Hui Chin, Kee Cheng Thor, Ng Min Yun, Donna Tan, Tan Chee Kiong, Irene Tan, Jack Tan, Edmund Teo, Eileen Teo
  • Publicity - Tracy Gan (Head), Chan Hui Chieh, Ho Shok Wan, Lam Yin Yin, Law Yung Yung Julia, Adeline Quah, Annabella Ong, Phang Tsang Wing Klinsman, Teo Poh Lian
  • Publications - Andrea Chee (Head), Rebecca Heng, Tan Hui Ee, Clarence Lee, Dwayne Wan
  • Storyboard Artists - Chow Kim Nam, Joanne Teh, Tong Pey Haw, Zhang Ting Ting
  • Continuity - Goh Aik Song, Iqball Dulloo, Rene Gungadin


  • Themes - Love, Aimlessness, Aspiration, Loneliness, Alienation, Distance, Peace, Serenity, Quietude, Inspiration, Neglect
  • Subject Matter - Nature, Sun, Fantasy, Lust, Aging, Death, Falling In Love
  • People - Aimless Youth, Horny Boss, Attractive Crush, Delivery Boy, Coffee Shop Owner, Schoolgirl, Working Man
  • Relationships - Friendship, Lovers, Boss/Subordinate, Elderly/Young, Husband/Wife, Doctor/Patient
  • Places - Singapore, Orchard Road, Office, Coffee Shop, Hospital
  • Food - Mee Pok, Coffee, Packet Lunch, Banana
  • Activities - Smoking

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