Artificial Melodrama 人造闹剧

A female tourist hails a taxi to take her back to her hotel but is unable to remember the name of it. The taxi driver drives her around Singapore in search of her hotel as they talk about how globalisation is changing the landscape of the world, blurring the line between cultures and races, and what our future might look like. The jarring disconnect between the audio and visuals as they speak leave viewers with even more to think about. With its panoramic takes of familiar landmarks and Singapore’s skyline by night, the film offers us a glimpse of Singapore’s nightscape from a different perspective.

  • Director: Giovanni Fantoni Modena
  • Runtime: 15m9s
  • Genre: Drama
  • Rating: PG13
  • Availability: library@esplanade, Lee Kong Chian Reference Library
  • Accession No: 2012-D-2087
  • Subtitles: English
  • Release Year: 2011
  • Producer: Franco Fantoni Modena
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Production Country: Singapore

Cast List:

  • Carly Marshall
  • Jerry Hoh
  • Nel Donovan


  • Written by - Giovanni Fantoni Modena
  • Cinematography - Jordan Lavi Quellman
  • Production Designer - Sibila Morgantini


  • Activities - Driving; Buildings - National Museum, National Library, Esplanade, Raffles Hotel
  • Emotions - Hurt, Angry, Upset, Lost
  • Landscape - Singapore by night
  • Places - Singapore, Raffles Hotel, Orchard, Bugis, Marina Bay
  • References - Shakespeare quotes
  • Relationships - Taxi driver/ passenger
  • Themes - Globalisation, Changing Landscapes, Dilution of Culture

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