A New Hope

Through interviews with Pong, a mother, and Su, an orphaned teenager, this film delves into the fears and hopes of HIV patients in Thailand. Despite the uncertainty and discrimination they face, they strive to live otherwise healthy and normal lives.

  • Director: Chermaine Ong
  • Runtime: 19m4s
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Rating: PG
  • Availability: library@esplanade
  • Accession No: 2010-D-1855
  • Subtitles: English
  • Release Year: 2010
  • Producer: Ng Wai San, Poh Kai Ru
  • Language: Thai
  • Production Country: Singapore, Thailand

Cast List:

  • Thitima Jantamoon (Pong)
  • Suwara Poonchern (Su)
  • Boonman Pansalak (Muek)
  • Sirikorn Kortsrimaung (Nancy)
  • Thanyachanok Jantamoon (Namthip)
  • Nongnuch Sornsud (Muek's Sister)
  • Chamrern Kaewduangla (Muek's Mother)


  • Director of Photography - Tay Ru Yan
  • Sound Recordists - Peh Kai Ru, Ng Wai San
  • Editors - Tay Ru Yan, Chermaine Ong
  • Supervising Producer - Nikki Draper
  • Main Translators - Nawaporn Phatchuay, Sudhathip Suwanban
  • Secondary Translators - Boontip Boonbumroongsuk, Golfubu Saengpo, Kanokkarn Yoshihira, Garn Chindaphrom, Phawinee Chindaphrom, Ruby Zhang, Suksri Lumprasert, Supakit Tubanthoong, Thanat Owlarn, Zeshan Gulzar
  • Additional Music Performed by - Cherlyn Ong
  • Technical Support - Vincent Teo Hee Kwang, Tng Yew Li, Tan Boon Huat, Tan Kia Fern Kelvin, Lim Kim Meng Andrew, Tok Joo Guan Joe


  • Activities - exercise, playing, marathon
  • Diseases - HIV
  • Emotions - guilt, hate, shame, love, hope
  • Experiences - suicide, medical examination
  • Food - rice, papaya salad, noodles
  • Issues - discrimination, social integration
  • Items - pills, medication
  • People - parents, mother, children, daughter
  • Countries - Thailand
  • Places - halfway house, market place

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