Innocent 无知罪

A personal documentary about the suicide of a housewife. From a chronological account of events to an exploration of the victim’s personality, the filmmakers look in all directions to establish a sense of what caused the tragedy.

  • Director: Gek Li San, Ho Choon Hiong
  • Runtime: 26m52s
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Rating: NC16
  • Availability: library@esplanade
  • Accession No: 2005-D-0054
  • Subtitles: English
  • Release Year: 2004
  • Producer: -
  • Language: English, Mandarin
  • Production Country: Singapore

Cast List:

  • Lok Meng Ho, Lok Ting Yue, Lok Ting Ting, Lok Jing Ting, Gek Soon Cheng, Lok Meng Hong, Lok Meng Luan, Tan Chook Kian, Anthony Quek, Quek Bee Lian


  • Music by - Ethan Tan Yoo Tong; Subtitle by - Gwen Ong; Colourist - Viji Balasundram


  • Activities - suicide, interview, babysitting, accident, housework, interrogation, cremation, mourning, investigation, coroner's inquiry
  • Emotions - guilt, worry, panic, sadness, fear, anger
  • Occupations - babysitter, policeman
  • People - relatives
  • Places - void deck,  crematorium

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