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Kaki Bakar
U-Wei bin Hajisaari

1995, 70min, Malaysia
This is a story of displacement and personal identity involving a family of illegal Indonesian immigrants and a coming-of-age tale about a boy named Kesuma who must forge his own identity against the intimidating presence of his father... more
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Reel Emergency Project
To build the Asian Film Archive Collection, we invite contributions from filmmakers, collectors, companies and the public. If there are films you know that need our attention, contact us.

Online Catalogue
The catalogue consists of the Archive's collection of local and regional works.

Educators' Workshops
To provide resources and services that are directly relevant to the teaching and learning of moving image media in the school curriculum. For details on the latest workshops, visit here

Film Literacy Programmes
To equip students with the ability to analyze, appreciate and communicate messages in film and video.

Moving Minds Lab
Students get to investigate the dynamics of the local film industry and work on hands-on film advocacy and film investigation/research projects under mentorship.

Singapore Shorts Vol. 2 DVD
Purchase the second anthology of Singapore Short Films to help the Archive raise funds for its preservation and cultural mission.
We are hiring!
August to November 2015
The Asian Film Archive (AFA) is recruiting one intern for 3 months from end August to November 2015.

[REFRAME] Asian Panorama: Singapore Mavericks
Launched on 24 June 2015
Asian Film Archive's YouTube Channel

Asian Panorama: Singapore Mavericks is a recorded roundtable dialogue with five Singaporean film directors who have displayed individualistic qualities and a fiercely independent mind in their cinematic pursuits. This chosen panel represents a diverse cinematic palette whose bodies of works and recent representative film demonstrate such ethos.

Call for Papers - Joint Technical Symposium (JTS) 2016
7 - 9 March 2016
JTS 2016's themes is Sustainable Audiovisual Collections through Collaboration. JTS 2016 is organised under the auspices of UNESCO by the Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA, of which FIAF is a founder-member) and its members’ Technical Committees, and is hosted by the South East Asia Pacific Audio Visual Archive Association (SEAPAVAA) and the National Archives of Singapore.

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