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A Labour of Love: The Housewife
Rajendra Gour

1974, 18min, Singapore
This short film examines the role of the Asian woman within the realm of the home and the family, in particular the role of the housewife. It features the boundless work that a housewife has to accomplish in a day in order to run a smooth household, and to care for her husband and children... more
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Asian Panorama: The Fragments of Southeast Asian Cinema
31 October 2015, 1pm - 4pm
Redrum, The Projector

This panel discussion is interested to discuss the significance, usefulness, and relevance of the idea of a Southeast Asian Cinema and the different art forms that intersect with the film genre.

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Singapore Shorts Vol. 2 DVD
Purchase the second anthology of Singapore Short Films to help the Archive raise funds for its preservation and cultural mission.
AFA10 Presents: Sultan Mahmood Mangkat di-Julang (Asian Premiere)
29 October 2015, 7pm
Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore

This film is newly restored by the Asian Film Archive in celebration of our tenth anniversary. Showcasing a galaxy of stars from the Cathay-Keris studio, Sultan Mahood Mangkat di-Julang stands as one of the finest achievements in Cathay-Keris’ slew of historical dramas made during the golden age of Singapore cinema.

AFA10 Presents: Fragment (World Premiere)
30 & 31 October 2015
The Projector

Fragment is an omnibus film celebrating the strength and diversity of South-East Asian independent cinema. Made up of a collage of ten stories, each story distinctively embraces the other's subjectivities through the collective sentiments of vulnerability and fortitude.

The ten filmmakers are Kan Lume (Singapore), Wesley Leon Aroozoo (Singapore), Sherman Ong (Singapore/Malaysia), U-Wei Haji Saari (Malaysia), Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia), Lucky Kuswandi (Indonesia), Phan Dang Di (Vietnam), Kavich Neang (Cambodia), Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit (Thailand) and Lav Diaz (Philippines).
This film is commissioned by the Asian Film Archive (AFA) for our tenth anniversary celebrations.

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